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Go karting legends Button and Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button both honed their karting skills at Buckmore
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Best Lap of the Week
Can you beat it?
£20 if you can!

Practice session competition.

Each week we are holding a competition to find out who can set the fastest lap of the week in a practice session. The winner each week will win a £20 Buckmore gift card.

The rules are simple, just enter into any practice session and do your best. The staff will note the lap times and post new records on a board in the clubhouse. This will then be recorded on the website. The fastest lap set each week will win a £20 gift card. See below for the 'small print'

Week Commencing 14th December

Best Lap so far this week...

Robert Gunning
66.940 (w)

Will it be you this week?

If that isn't a good enough incentive to get you out on track then the fact that we have many special offers – Early Bird and Red Eye Specials and discounted sessions – so do check the list and grab yourself a bargain.

Practice times and prices plus on-line booking.

Good luck!


2014 results

Week 1: Mark Turner 65.79 (W)
Week 2: Will Page 54.447
Week 3: Tijan Bozonga 50.994
Week 4: Mark Foster 51.178
Week 5: Ben Powney 51.775
Week 6: Jake Leighton 51.649
Week 7: Tijan Bazonga 50.977
Week 8: Gavin Craig 51.313
Week 9: Oliver Danaher50.891
Week 10: Gary Brown 50.767
Week 11: Jake Leighton 50.317
Week 12: Chris Clarke 50.739
Week 13: Gyorgy Bratis 51.041
Week 14: Mark Foster 50.529
Week 15: Amit Rajput 50.535
Week 16: Amit Rajput 50.280
Week 17: Tom Coveney 50.398
Week 18: Amit Rajput 50.678
Week 19: Shane Franklin 50.894
Week 20: Bobby Madden 50.368
Week 21: Garry Spice 50.554
Week 22: Adrian Porter 50.727
Week 23: Mark Foster 50.471
Week 24: Ricky Venables 50.557
Week 25: Leheng Li 50.126
Week 26: Sam Herridge 51.199
Week 27: Ollie Smith 50.441
Week 28: Andrew Hunt 50.501
Week 29: William Grice 51.005
Week 30: Jake Leighton 50.504
Week 31: Garry Spice 50.902
Week 32: Garry Spice 50.851
Week 33: Aaron Hughes 51.190
Week 34: Josh Morgan 51.007
Week 35: Lewis Canfield 51.694
Week 36: Mark Foster 51.367
Week 37: Darrell Figg 50.985
Week 37: William Grice 51.258
Week 38: Brian Smith 50.479
Week 39: David Robinson 51.256
Week 40: John Monro 51.254
Week 41: Liam Powell 51.821
Week 42: Danny Bodle 50.961
Week 43: Liam Cochrane 51.320
Week 44: William Grice 51.047
Week 45: Michael Rowley 51.305
Week 46: Joseph Powell 55.301 (W)
Week 47: Garry Spice 51.888
Week 48: Kristian Allen 50.930
Week 49: Chris Clarke 51.720

The small print:
This competition applies to practice sessions only. Race events do not count. Weeks will run from Sunday to Saturday. Prizes must be taken as a gift card or loyalty points. No cash alternative. 'Cut through' laps will be disallowed.

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