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Sport & Leisure Developments Ltd – Consultancy

Surtees, Herbert and Sisley John Surtees OBE with former British champion and Buckmore protege Johnny Herbert and Bill Sisley

Sports and Leisure Development ltd (SLD) is a company specialising in the development of motorsport facilities and services, primarily karting venues, on a worldwide basis. It has been created through a partnership between John Surtees, a seven times World Motorcycle champion, Grand Prix Formula 1 world champion and American Sports Car champion (who has also constructed grand prix cars and run a successful Formula 1 team) and Bill Sisley, who has spent a lifetime in karting, developing and racing his own karts prior to moving into the management and development of the international 1200m Buckmore Park Kart Circuit near London in the UK — Europe’s market leader.

The consultancy team that John and Bill have put together operate on a worldwide basis and offer services enabling clients to develop existing venues, or to construct new venues on a turn-key basis, both to national and international level. SLD is able to provide all the expertise required and will work closely with local contractors and suppliers.

The consultancy package includes an initial free of charge meeting at Buckmore Park Kart Circuit in the UK to ascertain the client’s aims and expectations. This meeting will also cover advice on circuit design, track surface and infrastructure, the acquisition of equipment including karts, engines and clothing, and day-to-day operational and downstream activities. SLD consultants can train local personnel and drivers if required, and can also provide the expertise to promote events to a full international standard for either competition or corporate competitors.

The advice given is based on the success of Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, which is used as a model and is acknowledged as one of the world’s finest competition circuits for both the development and training of racing drivers, as well as the promotion of arrive 'n' drive for individuals, tourist karting, children’s karting and the organising of corporate events.

The Consultants

Surtees, Pullman and Sisley

The UK based SLD Consultancy Group consists of the following consultants who make up the most experienced and successful team of karting experts ever assembled. Their professional qualifications are as follows:

bullet point J Surtees OBE — Executive Consultant
John Surtees maintains connections with present Grand Prix racing and still enjoys driving and racing. He is the former chairman of the British A1GP racing team as well as being a team owner in various single seater motor-racing formula. He still works with the Mercedes Benz, Honda and Ferrari museums, while at the same time running a business specialising in property construction and development. John’s involvement adds credibility to any project and he is normally involved in both the initial design of the venue and on the opening day as a celebrity.

bullet point WH Sisley — Senior Consultant
Bill Sisley is the managing director and founder of Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, Europe’s leading outdoor karting venue, catering for both leisure and competition kart drivers of all ages. Bill is a director of the Association of Racing Kart Schools Ltd and his kart school, the Sisley Kart Racing School (founded in 1972), is acknowledged as Europe’s leading facility for training young, talented racing drivers. He represents outdoor kart circuits on the MSA Kart Sporting Committee, a regulatory association governing kart racing in the UK via the FIA-CIK, and has recently consulted on projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, the USA and Cyprus. Bill has a lifetime experience in kart manufacture, selection of suitable equipment, kart circuit design, and he advises on the overall concept of a commercial kart circuit.

bullet point C Pullman — Senior Operations Consultant / Competition and Driver Training Consultant
Chris Pullman has unrivalled experience as a kart club administrator, being director of the Buckmore Park Kart Club and operations director of the Buckmore Park Kart Circuit. He is also the chief instructor at the Sisley Kart Racing School, as well as previously being a senior race driving instructor at venues throughout the UK. Chris’s area of expertise includes advice on maximising profitability and developing successful safe operation modules, as well as the setting up of kart racing clubs and kart schools. His expertise also includes the promotion of race meetings of national and international standards, as well as the training of racing school instructors and operational staff including safety marshals.

bullet point J Symes — Circuit Inspector and Technical and Risk Control Consultant
John Symes is the risk management director for the national governing body of motorsport in the UK: the MSA. He has over 30 years of experience in all areas of motorsport and is also responsible for the licensing of motor racing and kart circuits. His expertise covers the implementation of the statutory health and safety regulations, as well as the correct technical layout of circuits in line with the statutory regulations laid down by the governing body of international karting, the CIK.

bullet point M Griffiths — Construction Consultant
Mike Griffiths is the group's construction consultant and for a number of years was chief executive of one of Great Britain’s largest property development companies, Land Securities. His experience in major civil engineering construction projects, as well as the enthusiasm that he shares of motorsport, make him imminently qualified to consult on kart circuit projects.

bullet point Project Managers
We draw on a number of selected independent project managers who are experienced in the operating methods used throughout the karting world and who are well versed in up-to-date technology.

Consultation agenda – Stage 1: pre-construction

bullet point Initial Meeting

An initial complimentary meeting at our base in the UK will ascertain the clients’ requirements and expectations. If possible the client should provide site details, plans and other relevant information on the location. If this is not possible, two of SLD’s consultants will visit the client’s chosen site(s) and advise on the suitability of each proposed area. The fee for this visit will be calculated at the hourly rate plus expenses.

As we offer a totally flexible service, clients are able to choose sections of the consultancy package which most suit their needs. Our aim is to ensure that clients construct and operate their karting venues to maximise long-term profitability. We can offer specific advice on each phase of the project if required e.g. (a) complete turnkey solution, (b) circuit design only, (c) operational advice only (d) advice on downstream activities, and (e) on long-term strategy and venue development.

After the initial meeting (either in the UK or at the client's venue) SLD will propose a consultancy fee for stage 1 of the project to cover phases 1 to 5. Subject to the client’s acceptance of the fee and SLD’s acceptance of the quality of plans and data provided, a feasibility study will be undertaken which will include:

bullet point Phase 1 — Site Evaluation (visit to proposed site)

Visit by up to four SLD consultants to the chosen site to assess its suitability for the construction of an outdoor kart circuit and infrastructure, either for a venue purely for rental and tourist use (600m), a national competition circuit (1000m), or a 1200m CIK approved international circuit suitable for multi use e.g. international competition, national competition, tourist, arrive and drive, and children. A survey will be undertaken by SLD’s consultants taking account of the geographical and topological criteria of the chosen site.

bullet point Phase 2 — Design of Circuit and Facilities

Using the survey information from site plans supplied by the client, a draft design of the new venue and facilities is drawn up utilising a CAD programme. The design will be based on the Buckmore Park model but will take account of the site's dimensions and local conditions. All CIK circuit designs must be approved by the CIK and part of the consultancy that we offer includes direct liaison with the CIK. We ensure that the circuit design complies with the most up-to-date CIK criteria. Please note that CIK approval is not required for circuits that do not wish to promote competition karting events and that are purely commercial, rental and tourist circuits. It should be recognised that the SLD Consultancy Group expertise lies with the operation and design of karting circuits and the supply of karting equipment. Any building design and construction will require a professional international quantity surveyor and a team of professional architects with local knowledge. All construction costs including the production of plans are the responsibility of the client. The SLD Consultancy Group will provide expert advice and backup from a UK based design/construction team. Additional site visits may be required as requested by the client.

bullet point Phase 3 — Target Audience Feasibility Study

A feasibility study will be undertaken in conjunction with the client to analyse the estimated usage level of the facility. This will allow the client who has local knowledge and understands the local economic criteria and potential customer base to draw up a suitable business plan and cashflow forecast.

bullet point Phase 4 — Specifying Major Personnel Requirements

Consultation agenda – Stage 2: construction

SLD consultants will draw up the job specifications for the recruitment of key circuit personnel including a circuit manager, marketing manager, kart workshop manager and chief mechanic. These personnel are instrumental in the development of the circuit and its facilities and need to be in employment at the end of stage 2 of the project.

bullet point Phase 5 — Specifying and Selection of Equipment Required

The feasibility study will include projections on the volume of operational equipment required, based on the scope of the project. The SLD Consultancy Group will use their expertise to procure the most suitable karts and equipment at the most competitive price.

The study will also include advice on the most effective procurement of a computer timing lap scoring system, score board, back-office circuit management system, website and online booking system, suitable drivers clothing, and the most advanced kart maintenance equipment.

After successful completion of stage 1, SLD Consultancy Group will levy an hourly charge for its services as listed under Consultancy Costs later in this proposal.
During the construction period, SLD consultants will offer professional advice and provide expert support to the construction team appointed by the client. Although it is the clients’ responsibility to cover the costs of the construction of the venue, SLD consultants will visit the site and supervise as requested by the client within a reasonable timescale.

It is envisaged that during the construction period, local key management would be sent to the UK for training in advance of the official opening to ensure that the management are familiar with all aspects of operating a successful and profitable kart circuit.

bullet point Phase 1 — Specifying Personnel Requirements for General Staff

SLD consultants will draw up the job specification for additional non-managerial personnel required to run the centre. This will enable advertising and recruitment to take place.

bullet point Phase 2 — Delivery of Equipment

SLD consultants will check the functionality and commissioning of delivered equipment including karts and circuit accessories. This will ensure the suitability of the equipment to the final track design.

bullet point Phase 3 — Review of Circuit Design and Alterations

SLD consultants will advise on slight modifications to the circuit design to maximise future profitability and successful operation. SLD consultants will visit the new centre just before the final layer of asphalt is laid by the client's contractors.

Stage 3: development of procedure
bullet point Phase 1 — Interviewing Personnel

SLD consultants will give advice on interviewing and determining the suitability of personnel for operating the kart centre.

bullet point Phase 2 — Developing Operation Systems

Using existing systems from the Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, advice on the safe implementation of the relevant operating procedures will be given to suit the venue’s particular requirements.

bullet point Phase 3 — Training of Personnel

SLD consultants will advise on the pre-launch training of all local personnel on site. Additional staff training may be required in the UK.

bullet point Phase 4 — Initiation of Marketing Campaign

Advice will be given on an initial local marketing and media plan to maximise pre-opening exposure.

Stage 4: pre-launch

bullet point Phase 1 – Continual Marketing Campaign

SLD consultants will advise on the continuation of a pre-opening marketing campaign to maximise exposure and media interest.

bullet point Phase 2 – Operation Systems Checking

SLD consultants will oversee operational dummy runs immediately before launch day to ensure smooth day-to-day running of the venue.

bullet point Phase 3 – Pre-Launch and Launch

SLD consultants will visit the site one week before launch to ensure that the venue and staff are ready for launch day. SLD consultants will advise on maximising the promotional aspects of the launch day, and deal with any last-minute issues. SLD will supply a motorsport celebrity on the launch day if required at a one-off agreed cost.

Stage 5: day-to-day support during operation

bullet point Phase 1 — Full Operation

General advice will be given on the day-to-day running of the centre when open, and specific advice will be given on operational problems as they arise.

bullet point Phase 2 — Further Marketing

Advice will be given on the development of additional facilities to maximise and increase revenue streams e.g. merchandising, catering, the introduction of new events and special promotions.

bullet point Phase 3 – Ongoing Support and Regular Reviews

SLD consultants will give telephone, fax and email support plus regular meetings to ensure the smooth running and development of the centre.

Stage 6 – downstream activities

bullet point Phase 1 — Kart Racing School

After six months operation, advice will be given on a kart racing school which will be introduced to promote existing local drivers and attract new drivers. The school will be based on the Sisley Kart Racing School and will be modular. All ages from 8 upwards can be accommodated. The kart school will result in both revenue enhancement and local drivers being fully trained before venturing into a motor-racing career. SLD’s team of ARKS and ARDS licensed instructors will train the trainers and give them the skills to enable them to manage the kart school and provide novice drivers with the best possible start to their motorsport careers. This is an area where linkage between the UK and the new venue could be developed. Technicians, instructors and drivers could also be sent to the UK to receive further advanced training.

bullet point Phase 2 — National Race Meetings and CIK/World/Asian Championships

After twelve months operation, SLD will consult on how to form and operate a kart racing club. The club will be able to promote regular competition events for local drivers using either self-owned or circuit-owned competition karts. SLD’s consultants will advise on the structure of the club and will train the various officials to a higher standard based on UK training levels.

Club officials will be able to visit the UK for further advanced training at UK race meetings. Local drivers would also be able to visit the UK and compete in UK race meetings and possibly an exchange driver visit could be arranged. After 36 months, further advice would be given on how to attract international karting CIK events to the circuit (if applicable).

bullet point Phase 3 — Kart Shop/Kart Manufacturing Outlet

The development of local drivers will lead to a market for the sale of racing equipment and accessories, as well as the need for a preparation area for self-owned racing machines. Advice on storage and the setting up of local race teams would be part of the consultancy if required. Our consultants will advise on the most successful and profitable methods used in operating a kart spares shop selling both machinery and karting accessories. The methods used will be based on a successful UK model. In addition, SLD can advise on the setting up of a local kart manufacturing and maintenance facility.

bullet point Phase 4 — Expansion of Venue

After 48 months, SLD’s consultants would give advice on expansion of the venue to increase profitability.

Stage 7: young local driver development – motorsport link

The SLD Group has strong links with all forms of motorsport and can place young talented local drivers with the top racing car teams in Europe, depending on their level of experience.

Consultancy Costs

Surtees, Herbert and Sisley John Surtees OBE with former British champion and Buckmore protege Johnny Herbert and Bill Sisley

Consultancy costs from stages 2 to 7 are based on an hourly rate. Expenses including air-fare, hotel accommodation, miscellaneous expenses and subsistence are charged extra at cost. Although every project is different, it is envisaged that at least four of the consultants will need to visit the site at some time during construction and in the initial operation phase to ensure the smooth running of the project and to provide expertise at all stages. Bill Sisley and John Surtees are UK-based but may be available to visit the site if appropriate.

Please ask for fees.

bullet point Celebrity Endorsement

With SLD’s connections with Formula 1 and the higher echelons of motorsport, motor-racing celebrities can be provided to endorse and visit the venue. This normally applies on the actual launch day to maximise media exposure. Costs vary and are by negotiation depending on the status of the celebrity.

Contact SLD

To discuss your requirements, please call SLD on 0845 603 7962

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