Our history and our plans for the future development of Buckmore Park

The circuit in 1963



  • The 60s — The original circuit was constructed in 1963 as part of an army engineering exercise and was only 400m in length. Karting was in its infancy then, and so was Buckmore Park. The site is shown here in use during its opening year.

The circuit in the 80's



  • The 70s — During the seventies, the circuit was used by visitors to the adjacent Buckmore Park Scout Centre, as well as Rochester Motor Club Formula 6 competitors.

The circuit in the early 90's


  • The 80s — The circuit fell into disrepair in the early eighties but in 1985 Bill Sisley took over its management. He immediately began to develop the dilapidated site, extending the circuit to 600m and then totally resurfacing it in 1988. The first RACMSA licensed event was held at the circuit in 1989.



  • The 90s — In 1994 the circuit was extended to 900m and some basic infrastructure was added including a race control building, clubhouse, admin building, shop and flood-lighting. In 1999 the circuit was extended again and a tarmac road, off-road areas and competitors’ paddock were added.


  • The 2000s — The first eight years of the new millennium saw the construction of a new kart maintenance workshop in 2000, the opening of a £1·25m multi-function clubhouse in 2003, and a new paddock facilities building in 2004.

July 2015 Circuit relaunch


  • 2010 and beyond — The winter of 2007/2008 saw the construction of the Paddock circuit (now know as the Kids Mini GP Circuit).  for youngsters aged 4-7. 
  • Over the winter of 2013/14 a new pitlane access was built along with a new 130 seat grandstand giving full view of the whole circuit for the first time. This winter also saw the birth of a new Turn up 'n' Drive circuit in the Paddock area (The Paddock Circuit). This circuit caters for 8-11's, 12-15's, adults and exclusive family group use. The circuit can be removed for large race meetings and this creates additional flat parking for race trucks.
  • In 2015 John Surtees CBE acquired the assets of the company. He immediately purchased 50 new RT8 adult karts and relaunched the company. "This is just the start" he announced to the media.
  • Keep watching, like rust, we never sleep.