MidKent College Karting Challenge

The MidKent Karting Challenge is a novice karting event exclusive to the students and staff of MidKent College and held at Buckmore Park Kart Circuit. The challenge is a two part race event split into Qualifying and a GP Final using 390cc Sodi RT8 karts on the full international circuit.  

Step 1 - Register

To start off, you need to register yourself as a driver, you can do this via the Driver Registration Form. Once this has been completed, a member of the Buckmore Park sales team will contact you to arrange for a payment of £24 to be taken, this covers one driver for entry into a qualifying session. 

There will be three Qualifying dates: 12th, 26th June & 17th July. You can choose a session to suit you on any of those three days, subject to availability.

All drivers must have had their 16th birthday and be a minimum of 5ft (1.52m) to take part in this event. 

Step 2 - Qualify

Once you have registered, paid your entry fee and chosen the session you wish to attend, the next stage is qualifying. 

To qualify for the final you must be in the top 10 of fastest lap times for the qualifying day you attend. As there are three qualifying days, there will be a total of 30 eligible drivers.

Step 3 - The Final

Once you have completed your qualifying session, providing your fastest lap was in the top 10 for that day, you are then eligible to take part in the grand final, scheduled for the 26th July. 

The final consists of a short qualifying to determine the starting positions on the grid, followed by a non-stop 30-minute endurance race. There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed finishers. 

The cost to take part in the final is £30 per driver.  

Driver Registration Form