The Redevelopment of Buckmore

Written by mr01 on 05 September 2016 at 2:00pm    1 comment

We have seen many new circuits introduced into the Formula 1 programme. Some have character like Austin, Texas which includes the tarmac run off areas, the painted strips and the introduction of purpose built barriers to replace the tyre walls, which have been the main stay in motorsport.

Buckmore Park is no exception, it is a historic karting venue where the very best of F1 and Indy champions learn their skills, as well as being one of the most popular leisure and corporate karting venues in the UK. The decision was taken that we had to make Buckmore Park karting circuit even more special by updating it to look like a mini Grand Prix circuit.

The same contractor that carried out numerous Grand Prix track works, came to Buckmore to do the painted run off strips following the extensive tarmacking works on the run off areas. We also have purpose built Champion Product barriers fitted, these are all in the rebranded blue of the Team Surtees colors to reflect the new ownership.

The work was all completed in time for the British Championship races and the start of the peak summer season in June.

We have received great feedback from the racing, leisure and corporate competitors, not only from the point of view of the driving experience on the newly improved track but also the aesthetics.

Proceeding this, and following the takeover in April 2015, the adult, junior and bambino kart fleet have all been renewed and updated to ensure all our competitors have the best possible experience at Buckmore Park.

Kent therefore can boast not only having one of the most historic kart tracks in the world, but one of the most impressive and advanced karting circuits in the world.