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Bambino Lesson Three

Bambino kart training is for children aged six to seven years old who want to learn to race. The school provides all the equipment necessary including race suit, helmet, neck collar, gloves and rib protector. The kart supplied will be a 2 stroke Bambino kart for lesson 3.

A full safety briefing is given and the instructors are MSA ARKS registered instructors. The class is divided into small groups with each group enjoying three sessions of driving during the two hour lesson.

Bambino training is arranged in three stages and a child must move up through all three grades, with targets to achieve at each level before moving to the Bambino Club.

For lesson 3 the driver now moves on to the larger Club Circuit where they have a more advanced circuit to learn in 2 stroke race karts. Satisfactory completion of this level earns the driver the right to join the Bambino Club.

Buckmore Park

Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2018 09:00 - 11:00
Price: £65