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Nestled amongst the picturesque countryside in Kent, our circuit has been a cornerstone of British karting since 1963. With its challenging layout and state-of-the-art facilities, Buckmore Park offers a thrilling experience for drivers of all skill levels.

buckmore park karting circuit

Buckmore Park from above

From sweeping bends to exhilarating straights, every corner of our track is meticulously designed to test your racing skill. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, Buckmore Park promises an unforgettable journey into the world of motorsport.

Whether you're the next big thing in racing or just fancy a day out, Buckmore Park has something for you—offering unforgettable experiences for both amateur karting enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals alike.

History of Buckmore

Steeped in racing heritage, Buckmore Park has been the proving ground for motorsport legends and a cornerstone in British karting history.

1960 - 1970

In the early 1960s, businessman Cecil Whitehead initiated the creation of a kart racing circuit atop Bluebell Hill, Buckmore Park Scout Centre, enabling local scouts' participation in the sport. Collaborating with Doug Jest, designer of Rye House Kart Circuit, and local motor clubs, Whitehead designed the initial 400m track. He enlisted the Royal School of Military Engineering in nearby Chatham to construct the circuit, which opened in 1963 as an engineering training project, with no expense to the scouts.

buckmore park karting circuit

Original Circuit based at Brompton Barracks, 1960s

1970 -1980

In the 1970s, the track was frequented by scouts, park visitors, and the Rochester Motor Club. However, by the end of the 1980s it had succumbed to neglect, primarily due to insufficient funding from the nearby scouts for maintenance.

buckmore park karting circuit

Buckmore Park, 1980s

1980 - 1990

In the 1980s, Whitehead faced closure over safety issues. New owners intervened, initiating a redevelopment project aimed at securing an MSA competition circuit license. Extensive restoration and resurfacing efforts followed, enabling the circuit to host events once more. The revival culminated in the inaugural RACMSA event held at the track in 1989.

buckmore park karting circuit

Prince William & Harry at Buckmore Park, 1992

1990 - 2000

In the 1990s, the circuit hosted its inaugural national championship, helping to bring through some of the world’s best talent such as Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. By 1994, the track was expanded to 900 meters. Further extensions in 1999 brought it to full international length, coinciding with the replacement of the unmade access road with tarmac.

buckmore park karting circuit

Lewis Hamilton with Jan Magnussen, 1990s

2000 - 2010

In the 2000s, a grand £1.25 million clubhouse was inaugurated with the esteemed presence of racing legends Sir Stirling Moss, Bernie Ecclestone and John Surtees. This historic event marked a significant milestone in the development of the circuit, highlighting its importance within the motorsport community.

buckmore park karting circuit

Bernie Ecclestone unveiling Buckmore's Clubhouse, 2003

2010 -2020

By the 2010’s, John Surtees, the existing landowner of the circuit, acquired additional interests securing complete commercial authority over the venue. The transaction consolidated his control and marked a pivotal moment in the circuit's history, setting the stage for future developments at the venue.

buckmore park karting circuit

John Surtees at the Relaunch Event, 2015

Remembering John

A renowned British racing driver, John Surtees is celebrated for his exceptional talent on both two wheels and four. Born in 1934, Surtees made history by becoming the only person to win World Championships in both motorcycle and Formula One racing.

Surtees's deep connection to Buckmore Park remained throughout his illustrious career, as it served as the training ground for young drivers to cultivate their expertise and propel them to numerous victories on the international stage. His legacy endures as a testament to his remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to the sport of motor racing, inspiring generations of drivers worldwide.

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Today at Buckmore

Stepping into her father's esteemed shoes, Leonora Martell-Surtees and her leadership, along with her husband Rich Martell-Surtees and Managing Director Philip Ling, help Buckmore Park continue to thrive.

Leonora's stewardship ensures that John Surtees' legacy lives on, inspiring future generations of racers and enthusiasts at Buckmore Park.

buckmore park karting circuit

Leonora Martell-Surtees


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