Karting for Groups

Hire Buckmore exclusively and experience your very own bespoke race event.

Whether it’s a thrilling day out, a charity event, a company team-building experience or a memorable party.

Our exclusive events cater for a minimum of 12 people. We can also host groups up to 250.

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Days Out

Discover the ultimate day out at Buckmore Park, where fast karting meets unforgettable moments for friends and family alike.


A charity karting day at Buckmore Park serves as both a fun-filled activity and a meaningful way to support worthy causes.

buckmore park karting circuit


Companies opt for karting events at Buckmore Park as a unique team-building activity, fostering collaboration and boosting employee morale in an adrenaline-fueled setting.

Birthday Parties

For the ultimate kids' birthday party, reserve the track exclusively! We offer parties for two age groups: 8-11 year olds (with up to 12 drivers on track) or 12-15 year olds, with up to 18 drivers on track.

Karting at Buckmore in 3 steps



Step 1: Choose your preferred date and time to experience racing at Buckmore.



Step 2: Upon arrival, you'll put on our racing suit and receive a briefing of how things work.



Step 3: Take to the track to race or compete against your family, friends or colleagues!

Common Questions

Is karting safe?

At Buckmore Park our number one priority is the safety of everyone on site. Our karts and circuit are maintained to a high standard and very regularly inspected by the Motor Sport Association, the National Karting Association and indeed the Environmental Health inspector.

We provide all necessary safety wear and give comprehensive safety briefings. Listening to the safety briefing and heeding the instructions is the part you play in keeping the event safe and enjoyable.

However, as with all activities, unavoidable accidents can happen even in the best regulated events.

Do you have height and weight limits?

The minimum height for our adult karts is 5'0" (152.4cm) and the maximum height is 6'8" (203.2cm).

The minimum height for our junior karts is 4’2" (127cm) and the maximum height is 6’ (183cm).

Our karts are very adjustable, both the pedals and the seat can be adjusted, but there are obviously limitations.

The minimum height is stated above but maximum sizes are far harder to stipulate. Normally, heights up to 6’8” (205cm) will fit although comfort levels will be reduced.

Weight limits are a far more difficult issue as shape is perhaps more important than a simple maximum weight. Some drivers are ‘wedge’ shaped with the widest measurement being at the shoulders. Others are ‘pear’ shaped so despite being the same weight as a ‘wedge’ shaped driver, the ‘pear’ shaped driver may have difficulty fitting the kart seat.

Most people are aware of likely problems and so we would urge anyone with a doubt to contact us before their proposed visit. We are more than happy to arrange for you to try the karts for size prior to your visit.

What about food and drinks?

The Park Cafe can provide for all your needs in this department but a word of advice: don't eat heavily before your karting experience as you may regret it once you get on circuit.

Improve your appetite by enjoying your karting first, followed by a good meal afterwards.

You should drink plenty of water, especially in the summer as it is very easy to dehydrate when karting. Work on about 250ml per 30 minutes of karting as a guide.

Do I need a driving licence?

No, you do not need a driving licence but you must be at least 16* years old and abide by our terms and conditions.

*Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be required to countersign the drivers indemnity form.

Can I bring spectators or guests?

Yes, we have the best facilities in the UK – family, guests and spectators are always welcome without charge.

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