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Find all the answers to your burning questions about Buckmore Park, from race options to booking details in our FAQ section below.

What happens if it rains on the day of my event?

All events are risk-assessed to take place in any weather condition, with the exception of extreme weather (e.g. snow), in which case we will contact you prior to your event to reschedule as appropriate.

In wet conditions drivers are supplied with plastic wet suits, but it is sensible to bring a change of clothes in case you get caught out.

How long does a lap take?

There is no precise time for how long a lap of the circuit will take. Experienced drivers can achieve lap times in the region of 50 seconds, but in varying conditions a lap can take over a minute. Events taking place on the shorter National circuit are nearer 35 seconds per lap.

Fast lap-times are far less important than keeping the kart pointing in the right direction – remember the hare and the tortoise!

Do I need a driving licence?

No, you do not need a driving licence but you must be at least 16* years old and abide by our terms and conditions. *Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be required to countersign the drivers indemnity form.

What tyres are fitted?

Our karts are fitted with slick tyres at all times, regardless of weather conditions.

Do you have a changing room and showers?

We have full changing facilities and showers, however, you will need to bring your own towel. We also have lockers available for use free of charge.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable casual clothes like a tee-shirt and jeans in summer, or a sweatshirt and jeans in winter. Please wear sensible, thin-soled, flat-heeled casual shoes like plimsolls or trainers. Sandals or open-toed shoes are not acceptable.

Race suits are provided.

Also, it can rain at very short notice so we suggest you bring a change of clothing for your homeward trip in case you get caught out.

What about food and drinks?

The Park Cafe can provide for all your needs in this department but a word of advice: don't eat heavily before your karting experience as you may regret it once you get on circuit. Improve your appetite by enjoying your karting first, followed by a good meal afterwards.

You should drink plenty of water, especially in the summer as it is very easy to dehydrate when karting. Work on about 250ml per 30 minutes of karting as a guide.

Is karting safe?

At Buckmore Park our number one priority is the safety of everyone on site.

Our karts and circuit are maintained to a high standard and very regularly inspected by the Motor Sport Association, the National Karting Association and indeed the Environmental Health inspector. We provide all necessary safety wear and give comprehensive safety briefings.

Listening to the safety briefing and heeding the instructions is the part you play in keeping the event safe and enjoyable.

However, as with all activities, unavoidable accidents can happen even in the best regulated events.

How do I choose which event is right for me?

First, be totally honest with yourself.

Don't overestimate your stamina or ability. Karting on a proper outdoor circuit in fast karts is very physical. We grade our events by star ratings, one star being entry level, right up to five stars for the near-semi-professional.

We offer both sprint races (several short races) and endurance events (one long continuous race). Take a look at the star ratings before you narrow down your choice and if in doubt, drop a level to see how you get on.

It's far better to win a two star event than to be lapped several times in a four star race! You can then move up the ladder at your own pace.

Do you have height and weight limits?

The minimum height for our adult karts is 5'0" (152.4cm) and the maximum height is 6'8" (203.2cm).

The minimum height for our junior karts is 4’2" (127cm) and the maximum height is 6’ (183cm).

Our karts are very adjustable, both the pedals and the seat can be adjusted, but there are obviously limitations. The minimum height is stated above but maximum sizes are far harder to stipulate. Normally, heights up to 6’8” (205cm) will fit although comfort levels will be reduced.

Weight limits are a far more difficult issue as shape is perhaps more important than a simple maximum weight. Some drivers are ‘wedge’ shaped with the widest measurement being at the shoulders. Others are ‘pear’ shaped so despite being the same weight as a ‘wedge’ shaped driver, the ‘pear’ shaped driver may have difficulty fitting the kart seat.

Most people are aware of likely problems and so we would urge anyone with a doubt to contact us before their proposed visit. We are more than happy to arrange for you to try the karts for size prior to your visit.

Can I bring spectators or guests?

Yes, we have the best facilities in the UK – family, guests and spectators are always welcome without charge.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, Buckmore gift cards can be redeemed against any specific Buckmore event and can be purchased online or over the counter during circuit office hours.

Can I use my own kit?

Yes of course, providing that you have a full face helmet and the helmet meets standards and the suit is in good condition. Dark visors are not permitted after the lights are switched on at dusk. If in doubt about the suitability of your crash helmet, please ask your Race Director.

Can I book events online?

Yes, all kart sessions and most of our open races can be booked and paid for online securely.

Can I video my race?

Yes, we have dedicated camera mounts and tethers on both our Adult & Junior fleets of karts. This allows users to simply clip their devices straight onto the mount and loop the tether over the base of the camera for added security.

Alternatively, you can use a shoulder mount. We do not allow cameras to be mounted to crash helmets (that includes your own), to the chest or anywhere else on the kart. If in doubt, ask a member of staff.

What if I can't make it on the day?

If you have booked a session with us but can't make it, please call us on 01634 201562. Note: all bookings are non-refundable.

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