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How Fast Did LANDO NORRIS Lap Around Buckmore Park?!

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22 January 2021

Friend of Buckmore, and McLaren F1 superstar, Lando Norris, just tore up the track in our first-ever "Star in a Kart" event. He took on the karting circuit like a boss. He’s fast becoming a a living legend, and he sure showed us why!

We had all our cameras capturing every second of this high-octane showdown. From the screeching tyres to the hairpin turns, Lando brought his A-game and set the track on fire.

We know you're dying to know how you stack up against the maestro. So, hold onto your helmets because we’re sharing Lando's incredible lap time, so you can see just how close you can come to this racing phenomenon.

So, if you're ready to witness the magic and find out Lando's jaw-dropping laptime. Let's go!

Think you can beat Lando? Buckle up, and book yourself in here.

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