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Buckmore Park Karting Archives: Lewis Hamilton

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22 January 2021

Lewis Hamilton began karting at the age of eight, and Buckmore Park was one of the key venues where he honed his skills as a young driver. He competed in various karting championships and events at Buckmore, showcasing his exceptional talent and determination on the track. Here he is racing in the final round of the Champions of the Future Kart Racing Event at Buckmore in 1996.

During his time at Buckmore Park, Hamilton achieved significant success, winning numerous races and championships. His performances caught the attention of several motorsport figures and team owners, and he started gaining recognition as a rising star in the world of karting.

Hamilton's impressive skills and results in karting paved the way for his entry into higher levels of motorsport. As mentioned earlier, in 1998, at the age of 13, he approached Ron Dennis, the boss of the McLaren Formula 1 team, during an awards ceremony and expressed his ambition to race for McLaren in the future. This meeting eventually led to his association with McLaren's young driver development program, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lewis Hamilton's time at Buckmore Park was a crucial phase in his racing career, where he developed the fundamental racing abilities that would serve as a solid foundation for his success in Formula 1. His dedication, skill, and passion for racing became evident during his karting days and continued to shape his illustrious career in the highest echelons of motorsport, now racing for Mercedes.


This is the Buckmore Park Kart Track in Kent, and we're here for the sixth and final round of the McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future. All our championship formulas have gone right down to the wire, and today, three young drivers will be crowned as champions for 1996. Also here watching the action today will be a host of stars from Formula One and IndyCar racing.

Among them, one of the hottest names in Formula One, David Coulthard. David, it's been an exciting series so far, hasn't it?

DC: “I think it's been fantastic. You've seen some real stars out there and good course racing”.
Presenter: “Does this take you back when you see these young guys out here, because it's what you used to do?”

DC: “Yeah, just being here, the noise, the smell, it sends a shiver down my spine. Six years I spent kart racing.”

Presenter: “More from David later. Right now we're getting set for our Highland Spring Formula Cadets. As usual, these young guys are the first out. Before we see the final bow, let's check our Formula track file to see what happened in the heats and who's in the running for the title.

And leading the series by... 41 points is Stephen Inch's Lewis Hamilton. At just 11 years old, Lewis is already one of Britain's brightest racing prospects. The pressure is off, though, for number one, Lewis Hamilton. His 8th, 5th, and 16th place in the heats mean that even before the final, he had become the first of our three 1996 Champions of the Future. Nice one, Lewis.”

Racing Commentator: “They're all over the place, but it's gonna be Lewis! Lewis Hamilton goes round the outside of them! Just a few bends if he can hold on.”

Presenter: “And that’s it from Champions of the Future. Our congratulations to our three class winners, Lewis Hamilton, Andrew Delahunty, and Gary Paffett. And who knows, David, maybe one day we'll see their names on the side of a Formula One car…”

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